Frequently Asked Questions

Is ShuttleSnap Free?
Yep! It sure is, we provide you all the necessary means to conveniently book and reserve your shuttle, free of any additional charges, how about that!?

Can I reserve my shuttle in advance?
Absolutely. ShuttleSnap has been designed to allow the customer to book the evening before a planned trip, even days in advance if need be! The shuttle will be accepted by the shuttle provider for a confirmation that let’s you know it’s been recieved. We recommend to our shuttle providers to wait for acceptance until the departure hour, so their customer has the option to change their shuttle preferences.

Can I use any form of electronic payment?
We use as a credit card processing service and they accept all major forms of card payment including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diner’s Club. Checks and cash are still an option via phone call and arrangements with the shuttle providers, unfortunately that doesn’t include our services but ultimately it’s about your day on the water and we want your arrangements to be as convenient as possible!

How do I save the web link to my smartphone?
In technical terms, ShuttleSnap works as a client-side web app, with a responsive web design that can be used with any device capable of smart-technology.  Androids and iPhones are perfectly capable of using our platform, here’s how you save it to your phone like an app:

• Go to in your browser. Then:

iPhone instructions: click on the icon at the bottom center: 



• Press the “Add to Home Screen” icon:






• BAM!  ShuttleSnap as an app is now present on your iPhone!





Android instructions: Click on the Home icon






• Select the "Add to homescreen" option







• BAM!  ShuttleSnap as an app is now present on your Android!


How do I get confirmations regarding my reservation?
In “Your Account” once on the platform, you will have a CURRENT/PAST Reservations status collection at the bottom of the browser for you to clearly define your current status as well as a history of your past reservations.  

ShuttleSnap sends out text notifications and an email for three steps of the reservation process to ensure your informed of the status.  The three steps are the “pending” status, “accepted” status, and the “completed” status.  These notifications are aimed to give you the ultimate awareness in the reservation process.

Can I book for more than one vehicle?
Absolutely. We’ve created a convenient and customized feature that allows you to book multiple vehicles, so whether you’re an outfitter looking to book shuttles for multi-boat trips or just a group of friends looking to enjoy a day on the water paddleboarding, we got it covered!

I don’t see a provider for my favorite river, what’s up with that?
We’re just getting started, please tell them about us, let them know how to contact us so we can get them on board! Remember, it’s free to sign up, and shuttle providers need to know that as well! We want the best providers out there, the one’s that share our vision for the future of what technology is creating.