Making our way to the App Store

Meeting the requirements for a native app or hybrid app I can tell you is cumbersome but abosutely doable.  As you may know by now, we are a web-based, responsive-design app that works on all devices through the use of a browser.  However, the word "App" grabs the attention of the audience and immediately moves them to the App Store to search ShuttleSnap, which at this point, isn't there.  Here is why.

SInce our platform is a completely original design and vision, we wanted to find out the viability of the business first and foremost before we began jumping through all the hoops of getting our platform into the App Store.  This may sound a bit backwards, especially if your already a fan of ShuttleSnap.  "We love the simplicity!  Why didn't you assume that and get a native app version?!"  Well, it's not a cheap route to get the answer we now have and currently we are working on make this channel of availablity because we have the validation to do so.

The team we have moves fast but more importantly we operate efficiently and with a focus that keeps our two hands on the wheel to our goals.  App Store capabilities are where we are driving to... at this very moment.  Thank you for reading.