Hoot Owl Restrictions are in place throughout West and Southwest Montana currently due to our recent heat waves and to be honest, it's incredibly beneficial that our Montana FWP make these mandates for the future of our fisheries.  Warmer water contains less oxygen than colder water.  As the temperature rises and dissolved oxygen levels decrease, trout begin to experience stress.  Adding to that stress, even with our Montana's strong etiquette of catch-and-release, it still raises concern that additional levels of stress can certainly cause death.  I've been guiding 13 years, and with an honest answer, I can say I've pushed that limit at times, only to find it just not worth the smiles we get from trout fishing.  One thought of these creatures taking on more stress and even death in lieu of our passions seems to come right down to immoral decision-making that counteracts our best intent to preserve for our future as well as the fishery.  Bottom line, when it's too hot to sit in the boat, take a swim and enjoy looking around more often than we get a chance to... because it's worth the wait.  Thanks for reading.