July 2015

Feedback and Solutions

At this point, the control factor behind our vision needs to be released and time begins to give us our answers.  How are people reacting to ShuttleSnap?  Are the providers feeling the same intent we aimed for?  On and on the questions are laid out and slowly but surely we are receiving our answers.  Feedback is critical to our future, as ShuttleSnap grows from this point forward, we are holding it close to heart that the feedback drives us to a more holistic vision with real-time answers aimed to keep us progressive and forward-thinking.

Making our way to the App Store

Meeting the requirements for a native app or hybrid app I can tell you is cumbersome but abosutely doable.  As you may know by now, we are a web-based, responsive-design app that works on all devices through the use of a browser.  However, the word "App" grabs the attention of the audience and immediately moves them to the App Store to search ShuttleSnap, which at this point, isn't there.  Here is why.