Salmonflies have popped!

The first weekend in June here in Montana turned out some of the hottest temps of the late Spring, and the timing was perfect to see the entire river pop with salmonflies all at once.  Ryan Barba, co-owner of Sunrise Fly Shop and ShuttleSnap provider "We were expecting salmonflies this week like we normally do but not to see the entire river pop all at once!" says Barba.  The salmonfly is an incredible insect, the size of them always leaves me in a gaze when I have one land on me, and as I cruised the majority of the river there was no shortage or dull point of the hatch like I'm used to seeing.  I saw flyers from Glen to Fish Trap accesses, with no shortage of anglers out trying to get an eat on top; I couldn't blame them either.  I took advantage of the crowds by marketing some face-to-face contact with floating recreationists of all types, spreading the word about ShuttleSnap and shaking hands with our people.  Cell range is tricky over in that neck of the words so I was encouraging folks to book prior to getting near the river.  One day cell range issues are gonna be folklore, "Remember back in the day we had to look for a good cell signal?"... I dunno how I feel about that just yet but it's inevitable.  

 I hung with Ryan at the shop for a bit, we laughed about the crazy days ahead and how the hatches of salmonflies brings out the best take-out/put-in stories of the year.  I even got in a shuttle session late in the day at ground zero and dug it, the logistics are tricky at times and having that experience is going to be information paid in gold as we progress the platform into the seamless design we aim to dominate.