Alliance. Part 2

So we last off with an interview of Seth McLean and Chris Knott of 4 Rivers Fishing Company and their thoughts on what this new alliance with ShuttleSnap and the future potentials as they integrate this platform with their shuttle services.

Let's talk about the future, 5 years, even 10 years from now-- hypothetically speaking could we assume technology and cellular service is going to keep improving drastically like it has the past 5-10 years?

(Seth) "Well it's easy to say it's not going to get any worse, it's more of a matter of how fast and innovative is it going to get-- to think I owned a flip phone 6 years ago and seeing that as a break-through to now with the smart-phone technologies with app tools that honestly could make my head spin-- it's a pretty obvious answer that the progression is here to stay, it's more a question of how progressive is it going to get."  (Chris) ".... flip phones, back when it was simple... sarcastically Hey Brett, how about flip phones?  Can we get some ShuttleSnap flip phones?" (Myself) "I'm gonna say no forever to that one buddy."

So it's fair to say with the vision of ShuttleSnap, the advancements of technology and cellular service getting stronger from coast to coast we can assume we're turning pages that are appropriate for this day and age?

(Chris) "C'mon Brett... you sold us on this already." (Myself) "Haha... you fellas know what I was getting at."

Give me some thoughts from the providers' side of the Admin Dashboard of ShuttleSnap-- is this hard to navigate?  Is it a pain to check in with?  Have you found it cumbersome to your daily work flow, etc?

(Seth) "When we first sat down and discussed ShuttleSnap, I'll admit I was skeptical in terms of exactly what you just mentioned.  Is it going to mess with our daily routine, are the drivers going to be able to understand the functionality of the platform, can we count on the platform to deliver the performance qualities that are mentioned, etc.  Once we went through the tutorials and starting getting our hands on the Admin side of ShuttleSnap, it became more clear that this truly was built for simplicity and ease of use and that we can see the tools that have been built into the Dashboard being a giant asset for not only customer service but marketing/advertising to potential customers that haven't been to our shop before."  (Chris) "Agreed, that last confirmation text that goes out to our shuttle customer not only gives them that "warm and fuzzy" feeling knowing their vehicle is downstream, but allows us to give them some intel on what's new with the shop, what deals we have on flies, gear, etc.  The ability to communicate the stages of confirmation for the shuttle process along with offering the customer some intel on our shop nearby, through a text and completely on their time-- that's a huge asset."  (Seth) As far as work flow, checking our iPad with a glance to see if we have a shuttle, even while attending the needs of an in-shop customer makes our lives easier and gives us more time to focus on the customers at hand, instead of answering phone calls.  If we get busy and forget to check, ShuttleSnap calls us with a pending shuttle that hasn't been accepted within the hour of the request, which is super slick as a balance tool to make sure every customer is notified."

It could take awhile to really grab hold of the customer base of recreationists, wouldn't you agree?

(Chris) "All businesses take time, especially a new concept like ShuttleSnap, and we want to be a part of it from the beginning so when it's looking like an over-night success down the road, we had the forethought to get on-board from the beginning."

Afterthought: I consider Seth and Chris friends of mine, we've all began guiding here in Montana from the same era and it's been awesome watching eachother find our niche and own place in the industry surrounding our passion.  Thank you for reading and stop in and see these guys the next time your in Twin Bridges.  Thanks for reading.