3,2,1.... Launch!

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Nine months ago a brain-child was born.  I was guiding the Upper Madison, just another day on the water until I floated by Story Ditch access and looked up to see my Tundra at the edge of the parking lot.  "Hang on Gents, I got to make a phone call."  Five minutes later, Connie of Meadowlark Shuttles and I were discussing the current situation only to come to the conclusion that a sporatic voicemail left with her ear-marked my requests for Story Ditch, instead of Varney Bridge.  It happens from time to time and we figured it out, but that moment I thought "gosh, there has to be a better way."  I got in the boat, focused on guiding and that evening, washing my gear I started to articulate some thoughts of what I envisioned as a stronger system for shuttles.  Fast forward nine months and countless hours of brain-storming, analysis, and coding; we have what we are calling our MVP with the title ShuttleSnap.  

The name was based on the relevance of what we aim to do; book shuttles with convenience and confirmation, as simply as possible.  "Shuttle"... duh... along side a word that defined our convenience.  "Snap" is the word that fit for our domain availabilities as well describing our quickness, and in turn, our simplicity.  Booking a shuttle in a "snap"... no fuss.  Choosing our brand's name is a bit stressful, we have to own it through and through and re-branding can be costly while taking away time we don't have from our company objectives.  One thing I've learned about building a business is to not hestitate for long; make a decision, own it and move forward.  

MVP stands for the "minimum viable product".  Drew Houston, creator of DropBox approached his launch with his own MVP, with a focus of starting with a platform that functions properly for the needs of the customer-base then collecting the real-time feedback ASAP.  Our biggest risk?  Launching something that no one wants or needs.  Not launching?  Painful.  Not learning?  Fatal.  Drew, as well as other inspirational entrepeneurs, have a common asset that reminds me of my fathers' classic statement "I'm not smarter than you, I'm older, I've lived this part of the story already so hush up and listen".  ShuttleSnap intends to learn from our two part customer-base, by listening to their needs and building from it so we can progressively move forward.  It's launch time, a coded word for "listening time".  Thanks for reading.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" -Abraham Lincoln