June 2015

Batting .1000

The first month of our launch is near complete and we're pleased to see that of our batting average for the month was .1000, every vehicle made it down river and on time!  It's difficult to see what the potentials are at this point, but all we can really do is make sure our platform is operating smoothly, that each and every customer as well as provider is attended to in a professional manner and to keep our vision forward-thinking into the next generation of what we aim to create.  We are feeling grateful at this point, on several levels and we thank you all for your support.

Alliance. Part 2

So we last off with an interview of Seth McLean and Chris Knott of 4 Rivers Fishing Company and their thoughts on what this new alliance with ShuttleSnap and the future potentials as they integrate this platform with their shuttle services.

Let's talk about the future, 5 years, even 10 years from now-- hypothetically speaking could we assume technology and cellular service is going to keep improving drastically like it has the past 5-10 years?

Alliance. Interview Part 1

Seth McLean and Chris Knott of Four Rivers Fishing Company have recently joined the team at ShuttleSnap.  I got lucky catching them both at the same time for a short interview, mainly because of my own interest in how they felt about ShuttleSnap as fly shop owners, outfitters, and shuttle service providers.  Here's the summary.

Salmonflies have popped!

The first weekend in June here in Montana turned out some of the hottest temps of the late Spring, and the timing was perfect to see the entire river pop with salmonflies all at once.  Ryan Barba, co-owner of Sunrise Fly Shop and ShuttleSnap provider "We were expecting salmonflies this week like we normally do but not to see the entire river pop all at once!" says Barba.

3,2,1.... Launch!

ShuttleSnap App Homepage

Nine months ago a brain-child was born.  I was guiding the Upper Madison, just another day on the water until I floated by Story Ditch access and looked up to see my Tundra at the edge of the parking lot.  "Hang on Gents, I got to make a phone call."  Five minutes later, Connie of Meadowlark Shuttles and I were discussing the current situation only to come to the conclusion that a sporatic voicemail left with her ear-marked my requests for Story Ditch, instead of Varney Bridge.