About ShuttleSnap

ShuttleSnap is a web-based, mobile-optimized platform that facilitates the reservation process between river recreationists and professional shuttle providers. Our mission is to continue to grow a more efficient, more forward-thinking system for booking shuttles that represents a win-win-win for outdoor enthusiasts, professional shuttle providers, and for the long-term health of the rivers on which they both rely.  

The service works as a marketing and reservation management tool for licensed shuttle providers, and serves as a convenience tool for their customers to make a shuttle reservation online and purchase via credit/debit card. There is also a component that's important to its developers, which is a means of donating (during the payment process) to organizations that support the very river the recreationist is using for that float. 

The idea was river-born on the waters surrounding Bozeman, Montana in the Summer of 2014.

Brett Seng, founder of ShuttleSnap, is a 12+ year professional trout guide and outfitter in southwest Montana. Brett had felt the same lack of efficiencies as most river recreationists in the typical shuttle booking process, with the added frustration of having to constantly restate information, deal with cash payments and bookkeeping, and otherwise spend time that would be better served interacting with his clients.

“If I can make one less phone call in my day, I’m all for it — and we're finding both the general public and the shuttle service providers would agree,” says Seng.  "For a shuttle provider to grow their business, currently they need to take on more phone calls; with a marketing and reservation management tool like ShuttleSnap, the potential to grow with an online, convenience platform specializing in electronic payment options equates to less phones and more growth.  It's that simple."

With the huge upswing in technology — and specifically phone and tablet usage — Brett realized that a web-based 'app' would be an ideal means of solving some of these issues, so he approached Bozeman-based Brickhouse Creative, a strategic design and brand managment company with deep experience in the outdoors, to partner with him in developing the core branding and custom-built project platform. 

“We aim to be the authority in creating a service tool that mutually benefits both shuttle provider and recreationist; one account saves all the relevant info, so the shuttle companies reduce problems from missing or wrong information and forgotten payments, while the recreationist doesn't have the redundancy issues with their vehicle and contact info every time they float. A few clicks and you're on the water focused on your activities, not wondering whether or not your vehicle is going to be there at the end of the trip."

The ShuttleSnap team specifically designed the platform for maximum flexibility; this is partly because they plan to continually offer new functionality based on real-world feedback from providers and recreationsts, and also because there are plans to move beyond simply servicing rivers.

"We love rivers, but we also realize that there are dozens of outdoor sports and activities where shuttle providers play a role in enhancing the time enjoying them — things like mountain biking and hiking. So the platform is, in its simplest form, designed to encourage a confirmation of the customers shuttle reservation in turn solving the current inefficiencies," points out Seng.

The company will be based out of Bozeman, Montana, but continues to add shuttle providers, users, and expand its reach on a daily basis.

If you've had a ShuttleSnap experience and would like to see it on your home waters, please tell your local providers about us!